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Standard Front Bucket Seats

1. Remove headrest and swing seatback forward.
2. Slide seat cover over top of seat and pull down.
NOTE: Custom seat covers are made to fit tightly. You may have to pull rather hard to get these to slide on. A trick for getting them on fabric covered seats is to pull a grabage bag over the seat first. Then pull the seat cover over the garbage bag. This will greatly reduce the friction between the two materials and make pulling the seat cover on a lot easier.

3. Fit base of cover snugly over seat.
4. Fasten elastic under seat with supplied "S" hooks.
5. Tie the supplied cord in position to ensure that the seat cover is held in shape.
6. Ensure that seat cover is fitting perfectly.
7. With a sharp instrument (exacto knife, etc....), cut holes for your headrest.
Because the seat cover stretches slightly, the holes need not be too big. 
Also, cut the slits lengthwise with respect to your car (see Fig 7a). 
That way, normal entering and exiting the car will not damage the seat cover.
8. Re-insert the headrest into your seat.

Custom SeatCovers

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